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A memoir of my experience of a pandemic pregnancy

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Baby showers canceled.. and celebrated in a different way..

Anniversaries canceled..the reminder of the love that will always stay...

The trips that were postponed and then canceled just the same..

The feelings that erupt, sadness, madness, what is to blame?

It’s a new chapter, before becoming a family of three...

But where and when does one chapter end and another begin, we will see..

Some days I feel happy, some days I feel sad

Other days are lonely, and other days are bad

I’m blessed to have my husband by my side through it all

I’m blessed to be healthy and to stand strong and not fall

I’m blessed to be bonding with this baby safely inside me

I’m blessed to have family and friends who are supportive as can be

As I look back on this journey of pregnancy through the ups and the downs

This is our story, and there are more laughs

than frowns.

So even though our story is still being written and Alita starts a new chapter with us

We will keep our faith, our hope, our love, as we must

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