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Asking for help

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

We made it to month 2 with Miss Alita Rin and we could not be happier! Our life has changed in a very special way, and we can not imagine our life any differently. Our little family is right where we need to be at this moment in time, and we are so blessed for what we have. As we learn and grow together, at times truthfully it can be overwhelming, but we always go to bed with a smile, and ready to tackle the next day.

Alita and I started in a Pod this last week, with a family to help teach their 3-year-old, (who was a friend in my class) and her big brother with some distant learning. It is going so well! Alita has new friends, well they are her first friends and she is so happy when we are there. The kids are so sweet to her and they bring joy to eachother while we are there. I am teaching again and it feels so good. The one on one, and little lessons to enrich minds, brings joy to my heart. We are adjusting to the new “schedule” but Alita is just “going with the flow” (Mommy too0 as best as possible. As we venture out into society again our needs as a family change.

I am finishing up the last half of my grad program, (yes, that’s right I’m going to Grad school through this chapter of my life), and with that comes responsibility and time management that can be challenging at times. I have the most support from Michael as we juggle a newborn, 2 dogs, work, health, and exercise, etc. We do a great job most days and sometimes, we wish we had some help.

When I was little I was always expected to do things on my own, my mom believed that having me do things on my own taught responsibility, confidence, and good work ethics. Now, don’t get me wrong, encouraging children’s independence is a very important aspect of development, and I agree with how my mom guided me through this. However, now in my life, I take my “independence” seriously. I battle with the balance between “control” and “independence” in my adulthood. Is it the independence I’m seeking? Or the control? When someone asks me if I need help. I quickly reply with “no thanks.” Without even thinking about it, or breathing for that matter.

With COVID 19 restrictions and precautions, it makes it even more difficult to ask for help even if we wanted to. Asking for help does not come easy, and it’s not because of ego by any means. It is more that we want to prove to ourselves that we can do this. I think of single parents, or families with more than one child, or struggling families, and I know they have it tough. So we must have it easy right? We are a strong family, and together we will get through this Pandemic. We however will learn to ask for help when we truly need it.

As of today, we are mostly helping each other, and getting to know our baby girl a little more. We are blessed for everything we have and the people we have in our life. I know I can ask for help when we need it, and even though it doesn’t come easy or natural for me, when we need it, we will take it.

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