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Authentically Amber Lyne (Pre COVID 19)

I started this page to be authentic in what I truly believe, what I love, as well as giving tons of resources and curriculum to meet all the NAEYC standards and the California Preschool foundations standards.

I am 6 months pregnant with my first little one, I live with my husband and our two little dogs, and at the moment I am not working due to COVID 19.

_This is how I felt Prior to COVID 19 and why I started this curriculum program, and blog._

I want to be able to share ideas, joys and the passion that I feel inside my preschool classroom of 36 little ones ages 2.5- 5 years.

I started this page to read and admire other people’s pages,share the positive joys of teaching,parenting, or family life.

I started this page to spread peace, and positivity, to spread truth and hope.

I started this page to be authentic to myself and to the world.

I started teaching 13 years ago as a young adult, barely out of high school, and taking college classes at a community college, as I worked two jobs (waitress at a local Italian restaurant) to support myself and pay for books etc. I loved it immediately and as soon as I was offered a full time position in the smaller classroom I quit my waitress job and put all my energy and time into teaching. I learned from great mentors, showed them everything I had to offer and after a couple of years became head teacher myself.

I started a child development bachelor program for teachers at Sacramento state and went to a 3 hour evening class Monday and Wednesday’s after a full day at the preschool, it took 3 years.. I graduated in 2015. I was so passionate, and loved my job each and every day.

Believe it or not.. that was 4 years ago now.. I’m still in debt from student loans, and I am still living paycheck to paycheck.

I have just started Grad school to continue my education in Early childhood education. This will give me the skills, and tools, to stay in touch with the education system and new research etc.

I have always had a dream of owning my own preschool one day, and even though this is still a dream of mine. I am very happy where I am at the moment in life, I love the program I work for, love learning through Grad school and love growing a little one of my own inside me right now. I am loyal, and passionate to the program I work for, I have grown here, loved here, made mistakes here, and ultimately have lived here..

Teaching however just does not feel the same anymore. I have been battling my passion as each day brings more struggles, more guidelines, more rules, more regulations, and more stresses that outweigh the one on one times, the sit down, play times, the hugs etc.

Society has changed.. there are more moms and dads working from out of the home which is putting more children in childcare for longer hours. Parents are having a hard time balancing their own work life, personal life, and family life and they rely on teachers a lot more to fill the spaces that parents are not able to fill because of their busy schedules, and that is what we are there for, what we are passionate about.

That is a huge reason why I have started this page, I want to make the core struggles "time management" for teachers to diminish. I want teachers to spend time connecting, bonding and having fun with the children at the same time, while the mandatory curriculum is already set and simple to integrate and record.

Don’t get me wrong, We know and understand how much parents have to do, and us teachers are here as a part of the community to link arms with you, to lift you up, to praise you, to guide you, to honor you as a parent, a human, as you! We become a team, a part of your family, a unit.

Sometimes, it’s too much, sometimes we go home, with tired feet, and an aching back, a broken ego, heart and a lack of confidence in the passionate teacher we once were yesterday.

We go home with no more to give to our own families, much less ourselves because we put all our heart, soul and energy into the children each and every second of the day.

But... that’s what we are there!

Preschool is such a special time for children. 0-5 is such an important part of development, and us teachers choose to be here to make the world a better place one child at a time.

We learn to spread peace, be bucket fillers, be a super friend, and to think like turtles, we are making the world a better place, and we truly believe it.

Sometimes, it’s hard not to feel invisible, we take care of the needs of others all day long, and sometimes teacher appreciation can only go so far.

We are loosing passionate, loving, good hearted teachers because they are struggling to make ends meet in their every day life. These teachers are getting degrees and going in debt, just to be able to keep the same job they have, with no pay raise. We still are paycheck to paycheck, finding second jobs, or side jobs to make ends meet.

I do believe teachers are the start of the future, because they guide and teach the children(our future)..

Here is to change, change for the family, change for the classrooms, the community, and the future. We advocate for each and every child that walks through our door... We just wish more people would do the same for us.

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