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Becoming a new mom during the pandemic

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

The labor and delivery of our daughter Alita Rin Towles lasted a total of 26 hours, 4 of those hours were pushing hours, before Alita Rin Towles entered the world at 1:45 am on July 10th 2020. Michael and I danced going into the hospital so excited to meet our baby girl.

I’ll be completely honest, it was no walk in the park, and even though my birth wish consisted of going as natural as possible and using an epidural only if needed and as a last resort, I got one. After 8 Hours of enduring the strong contractions, I broke and asked (screamed) for an epidural. Michael was such a trooper being my only support person due to COVID, I couldn’t have asked for a bigger cheerleader. I truly wanted to go without it, but that was my “not in labor self”. I knew the benefits and the risks of it, and in the moment I just wanted/needed it! prior to label I thought people would judge me for getting it or not for getting it, and after while of that battle within myself, I settled with “who cares what other people think”. I had to listen to my body. So at 830am the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural, unfortunately she missed and the epidural didn’t work, but she then was in a 3 hour surgery and I had to wait. Due to COVID there was only one lady available On the shift for the ER and labor and delivery. By 1130 she was back in my room to try again. (This was 12 hours of all natural contractions at this point).

The day was a blur, I was in and out of naps fTom exhaustion, being forced to eat jello and popsicles through the hours and squeezing Mike’s hand and crying to him just as I did since the contractions started. Michael never stepped down, and always encouraged me to continue on. Even though he was scared a couple times from my intense reactions to the pain, he didn’t show it on his face. He continued to remind me of us being able to meet Alita when this was all over, and sometimes that worked and other times it did not, (bless his heart). I’m truly blessed to have him as a husband, and my support person that day. He was exhausted too, and only left to use the restroom in the 26 Hours! With Michael being the only one allowed in the room, it made it a very long adventure for him, but he took the challenge, and I’m just so proud of him. At 9pm I was 10 cm dialated and it was time to push! Those 4 hours, were the longest hours of my life, I at one part thought I was giving up, I cried and screamed, and felt pure defeat. I was trying my best, I was exhausted, and I was doing what they told me, but baby Alita still wasn’t here. I got worried and anxious, and scared and let it get the best of me. But, I sucked it up, and thought how strong I had to be for Alita. Those last couple pushes were worth everything. The moment Alita was brought up to my chest, I knew I had a best a friend forever. I bawled my eyes out as Mike cut the Umbilical cord, and we instantly became parents. It was the best surreal feeling ever, we were so happy, and we can’t wait to share Alita with the world. Becoming a mom is such an amazing feeling, I love her so very much, and I know I will protect her and guide her through life, with grace and blessings. July 10th 2020 changed our lives forever, and we are forever grateful.

I however, am so sad, that no one could be at the hospital or meet Alita. It felt lonely there, as we were not allowed in or not of facility, for anything to minimize the chance of spreading or getting COVID. We enjoyed hospital food and snacks throughout our stay, and survived the choices available. The nurses were so sweet, and I learned so much about breastfeeding and parenting through them while waiting to be discharged. When we got home our parents got to meet her and my sister did as well, so far. Other than that, FaceTime has been the new mode of introducing our little blessing to the world. It’s lonely, but I want to make sure our baby is safe, and as soon as things settle down, she will be loved and met by many. Until than pictures and virtual meetings, will just have to do. Being new parents in the middle of a pandemic is scary, but having each other is all the support we need. Michael and I have built a strong foundation and that is what we stand on, as we endure the first weeks of parenthood.

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