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Cloth diapering, natural baby products and more.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Mike and I thought about cloth diapering as soon as we found out we were pregnant. I thought about cloth diapering, as soon as I even thought about getting pregnant! I wanted to do our part of minimizing our carbon footprint and did tons of research on the benefits not only for the earth but for our family as well.

I started being a consultant for Arbonne for almost 5 years and that is when I became really passionate about taking a look at what we put in and on our bodies. It started with me just focusing on myself, and then it grew to Michael and me and now it is for our family. Including our puppies. Slowly our household has turned into one that is as natural and clean as we can be at the moment. Not 100 percent yet, but we will get there.

26 seconds...

That’s how long it takes for our skin to absorb what we put on it! 🤔

We live in a toxic world, a more toxic one than our parents or grandparents lived in. 🌎

As a new mom, I have one less thing to worry about with Arbonne. With their 2,000 ingredient ban list assuring me that no toxins in her products. Supporting me with the responsibility of giving her the best I can at all times.

It is my responsibility of limiting what toxins are introduced to her, and with Arbonne they give me the relief that she has pure, safe and beneficial products for her every day needs.

About a year ago, I started venturing into natural cleaners for the house, and cleaning equipment. I am not quite satisfied yet with all the cleaning supplies, but I will get there. AS long as we are aware of our choices, and limit what harmful chemicals we may still have, I feel good about that.

With Alita, she is an Arbonne baby all the way! I do not and will not put anything else on her. I love and trust their products and find myself lucky to be a consultant and be able to share my love and trust in the company with many. She has hair and body wash, lotion, diaper cream, and sunscreen. They are pure safe and beneficial for Alita's delicate skin and I couldn't ask for more.

You can find them set here: (also sold individually)

I got tons of recommendations and tips on cloth diapering prior to having Alita. There was so much information and quite honestly it was overwhelming. We had a close family friend who is so experienced in cloth diapering after her 5 children, I put all my trust in her. We went with Mama Koala as our brand to try, as it had wonderful reviews, and were so stinking cute! They were such a success and we absolutely love them!

You can find them on Amazon here:

Mama Koala One Size Baby Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers, 6 Pack Cloth Nappies Without Inserts (Xmas Atmosphere)

They are easy to wash out ( in your toilet first) and easy to clean. It is quick to put them back together after a quick dry in the sun, I usually do it while watching our evening tv show. We throw a load in every other night, just to make sure, they stay fresh, and Michael and I do a great job of taking turns on diapering duty. I am really proud of, for sure.

The only con although it is easy to do for us is spraying them off in the toilet, we wear gloves of course, but it can be a chore if you don't keep up on it. I can even say sometimes it just plain sucks. But, it is well worth the outcome. Our carbon footprint is just a tiny bit smaller, and every bit helps. Alita, doesn't get rashes so far when she wears them, and I am hoping it does the magic of potty training

early in the future. But, let's not talk about that yet, I'm still enjoying these baby cuddles.

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