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Early Math Activity: Number Order

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Hello friends,

I am Rosanna from Play and Learn Corner. Today, I am here to teach you how to set up a simple activity to teach your child number order/sequence.

It is very easy and fun to teach your child number order with this simple activity.


- popsicle sticks

- clothespin

- permanent marker

Counting in order starting with 1 is simple. If you want to help your child learn number order starting from any number, simply write the numbers in order on the popsicle stick, leaving one blank. Now give it to your child and see if he/she is able to fill in the missing number by clipping the clothespin onto the popsicle stick.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Doing this activity, your child will be able to learn number recognition, number order recognition, fine motor skills, early math skills. Learning the order/sequence of numbers is an important skill. A strong number sense is important in building skills for understanding math later.

Remember to keep counting on a daily basis with your child. Make it fun. Count the cheerios 🥣 when eating breakfast, count the legos when building a tower, count the cars 🚗🚙 in the parking lot. The possibilities are endless and it is so fun to learn through play.

Enjoy and have fun while learning! 🥰

Kianna: 5 years



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