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Let’s stay busy during summer

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

As I get closer to Alita joining our family, I am going to transition my blogs this month to helpful homeschooling tips, lessons, and books that I recommend from my Usborne site!

As we are all unsure what the faith of our schools will look like in the Fall, and children already being home since March, parents, and children are getting restless. I would love to share some more options of how to get through this together, through learning reading and fun!

This week we are going to start with some new releases from Usborne books and more this month.

  1. Sticker books are great to keep your littles busy while you are finishing dinner, on a zoom call or vacuuming the carpet. These great books help children explore different parts of the world while practice fine motor skills, supporting curiosity, and with all the themes we have, you will surely find the right one for your child.

2. These activity books are easy to entertain your littles while practice fine motor skills and early writing skills, easy to clean and links to online activities as well!

3. Our selection of painting books, has so many options to choose from, you can get one for each member of your family! All you need is water, and these magical painting books come to life!

4. Do you have a child learning to read? Our Usborne phonics readers are guided readings for both reader and parent. For beginner readers - phonics-based text is cleverly blended with a funny story. Includes phonics guide for parents inside each book.

5. This summer activity puzzle pad is full of boredom busters that are focused on ages 5+. This another great way for your children to stay busy through the down parts of the day, either by themselves or with siblings.

These are just a few of the new releases that are full of activities for your children through the summer! With so many other options in the library, I know that I can find you a bundle of books that is just right for your family.

Check out more books, or grab these titles for your family here!

Through the month of July, we will explore building character, emotions, and feelings, and other social-emotional topics and activities To do at home with your family.

We will get through this Pandemic together, day at a time, tons of wine, and tons of boredom busters activities.

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