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Winter Craft: Pipecleaner Snowflake ❄

Pipecleaner Snowflake ❄

Kianna and Rosanna from Play and Corner are here today to do a fun winter craft with you.

Grab 3 blue or white  pipecleaners (cut them in half if they are long). Grab 30 beads (we used clear ones, but any colors work). Grab a hook (the ones for ornaments).


- 3 pipecleaners (blue or white)

- beads (we used 30 clear ones)

- ornament hook

Now we may begin making a snowflake ❄ out of pipecleaners!

Beading is such a great way for little ones to practice and stengthen fine motor skills. It also helps young children develop great hand-eye coordination 🖐👀, cognitive skills, bilateral coordination skills, creativity skills, and even social and communication skills.

Kianna took 2 pieces of pipecleaner and twisted it together to make an "X". Then she took the 3rd and last pipecleaner and twisted it together. "Voila!" Now the snowflake ❄ is formed. She then proceeded to add 5 beads to each section of the pipecleaner. After the 5 beads were added, she closed up the ending by pinching the pipecleaner inward. Lastly, she added an ornament hook to turn it into a snowflake ornament! ❄

"Voila"! It was a simple and pretty snowflake ❄ that is easy to set up and easy to make for any young children.

Enjoy and have fun while learning! 🥰

Kianna: almost 6 years! 😍



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