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Tools and support for teacherhood,and motherhood

Founder, Early childhood educator and creator


My name is Amber Towles and my husband Michael and I just had our first baby girl, Alita, on July 10th, 2020.

We live in Sacramento, CA and we are starting this new chapter as parents with grit and grace. Our passion as individuals is to help others, and together we are a power couple as we support the needs of teachers and parents through Blossoming Friends blogs, forums, and other resources. 

I am a passionate early educator who has worked in the field for 15 years as a preschool teacher, at an accredited Montessori-based preschool. My strengths are in areas of teamwork and problem-solving. I am a dedicated, forward-thinking teacher, with a commitment to classroom and program improvement.


I have the initiative for change inside and outside the classroom. I have created a new curriculum framework, centered on social-emotional development. I eagerly implemented these strategies into the classroom with success and reliability within our program. Just this summer I created another curriculum based on the NAEYC standards and the California Preschool standards to help programs pass accreditation with ease. I have assisted in training fellow teaching staff and coached parents on ways to encourage the same skills at home.

I am an early childhood educator and as I am stepping out of the classroom to stay home with my new baby Alita, my passion still lies within the walls where children spend their time, whether at home or in the classroom. My goal is with the help of other early educators to bring tools, curriculum, and support to teachers and parents everywhere.




Early childhood blog/ lesson creator:


Hello all! I am Rosanna. My first experience as a preschool teacher was with my good friend, Amber. So I feel so blessed to be able to join Amber and collaborate with her to bring all of our ideas to all parents, children, teachers, and more. 


11 years ago was when I first met Amber and taught 2.5-5-year-olds in a classroom together. Oh, the memories we've shared! Sadly, I moved down to Southern California and started to teach without Amber by my side. I am fortunate enough to have learned so much from her. Her passion, her love, her calming presence, her positivity are what I learned from her. I still cannot forget what a lasting impression she had on me. From time to time, we still met up at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. The distance kept us apart, but we were still friends who kept in touch once in a while. 


I am so happy to continue my teaching and learning alongside Amber. 


I have 2 children, 5-year-old Kianna, and a growing toddler (almost 16 months old) Ian. I am currently a stay at home mom, homeschooling Ian and supporting Kianna's virtual Kindergarten class. Occasionally, we will post videos on mini fun circle times, storytimes, fun activities, and more. We hope you enjoy our fun and sometimes silly videos. Come learn and play with us! We love to share fun ideas! 


I can't wait for this new journey with Amber! 🥰

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