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Feeling grateful

When I say grateful, I mean it. Things could be worse this year. There are so many others suffering in more ways than us, there is violence, people fighting for their lives, death. we are fortunate to have our family, have Michael’s job, and that we are healthy. The best part of 2020 is Alita for sure. She is the sunshine in the storm, not only for our lives but for the people around us as well.

When I complain about my everyday downs, I feel selfish. This doesn’t mean that my downs are not important, but when I put things in perspective, I’m able to see the importance of feeling grateful for what I have.

Some days are hard. Some days are really really hard. It's mostly the days that follow a night of 3 hours of sleep, due to a cranky beautiful baby. Between working on finishing my master's in early childhood education, getting licensed to start a home preschool, working on my early childhood resource website, and working on my book lady business, I lose sight of the "good" things sometimes.

Sometimes I just cry, sometimes I just want to quit, but then I remember why I am hustling and why I started each of these goals. I wipe my tears away, get up, and continue to pursue the dream that I have for my and my family's future. It will all be worth it. I am feeling grateful and even if some days are hard. I will always have my husband to talk it out with and find the perspective I need again.

I may not be a super mom, nor a trophy wife, but I am me, and I am something special. I am proud of who I am today, and who I will grow to be tomorrow. Mt daughter is watching, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a role-model to someone like her.

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