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It is said that it is, “As easy as ABC and 123..” That is why Blossoming Friends is here to provide support for teachers and parents with tools, curriculum, and more.

“Blossoming Friends” serves as a tool to support teachers and parents with the development and education of children in the early stages of life. We combine personal stories, experience, education, knowledge, and love to provide you with as many more resources, blog topics, and support.

We are here to inspire teachers inside the classroom and parents outside of the classroom, to take their enriched environments and fill them with passionate facilitators that guide each individual mind.

As we grow as a community, early childhood educators from all different backgrounds, experiences, expertise, and passion will join, to make our garden diverse and vibrant as we support our blossoming learners.

With the support of blossoming friends, we can continue to help our little friends blossom and grow

BlossomingFriends curriculum learning lessons

"By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others"

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"Teaching is a work of heart"

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