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Measuring with unit cubes

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Facilitating teachable moments, giving children an enriched environment and following the children’s interests is how you guide friends to blossom.

Teaching lesson: All about me

Focus lesson: measuring with unit cubes

Having unit cubes to support children’s interests in how long (big) or short (small), is a great way to introduce the concept of measurement.

As we are learning about “All about me” we started measuring our hands and feet!

Following the children’s interests we measured other things like toys and stuffies! We then built with the unit cubes which lead to making patterns!

When we put the unit cubes away, we sorted each by color and snapped them together before putting them back into the bag.

Developmental domains:

Language: new vocabulary

Long and short

Longer and shorter

Big and small

Bigger and smaller

Unit (s)




Writing how long or short something is


Number recognition

Understanding of concept of measurement

Understanding concept of long and short


Recognizing colors

Sorting colors

Physical-fine motor:

Snapping units

Unsnapping units



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