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We survived the first month of parenting!

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Mike and I have officially survived the first month of parenting! On August 10th we took the famous “1-month” picture of Alita as we looked back on what we learned, what we lost, and what we loved During that long and joyous month.

Breastfeeding for one, I knew for the longest time I was eager to breastfeed, but when talking to other moms I was also prepared to be able to accept if breastfeeding just didn’t work out for Alita and I. Fortunately it did, Alita and I are a pro at it now, and even though it did take some time to learn what we were comfortable with, is that milk supply up, and ultimately continue taking care of myself like I was still pregnant with her inside of my body, we are doing good!

I still have days where I struggle to eat properly (enough for two) and keep hydrated between the hussle and bustle of the first days being a mom. I by no means am perfect at it, but I’m getting better each and every day. She needs these nutrients, and I need them too, so I need to fuel my body to provide for not only me but her. I need to be strong and healthy for her, its a lot on top of caring for her, but moms can do it. I am a mom now, so I must do it.

Nighttime feedings are so very challenging to accomplish, sometimes I’m doing it with just one eye open, so the other one can rest. However, they must be done for the health and welfare of our precious daughter so I will push through them.

Pumping, I’m getting the hang of it, but goodness gracious, you somehow how to fit in time for that too through the day, and it is such a challenge sometimes, but once again, keeping in mind that this is for our precious daughter makes it all worth it.

Showers, guys they will just never be the same, will they? I rush through then if I even get to them in a days work. Bless Michael‘a heart for helping make the 10-15 min of self-care possible! Most of the time, I have breast milk, pee, or even poop on me, so a quick wash off means so much to me!

Not every day is easy, sometimes I find myself holding her, exhausted, and quietly crying, because, she is crying and I don’t know why. (Most of the time I come to realize she is tired, and she likes to fight it sometimes) with the support of Michael though I get through it, and my sad thoughts go away.

Alita and I read books, we read books every day! I love that she enjoys listening and looking at the pictures and I truly believe this is because Mike and I read to her while she was in my belly, and early on she sat through many of my circle times, pre COVID.

COVID has brought a dimmer light over this chapter in our life, but we are making it work. It’s best for us as a family to follow our instincts, and after getting our pediatrician’s recommendation on the matter, we will be continuing to shelter in place. I will not be returning to work in October as planned, and we will reassess our options after the holidays in how we will move forward.

Michael and I have come up with a good routine, and hey we have not followed it at all, even for one day, it’s there if we ever want it to be. We just learned to take it day by day and then hour by hour, planning does not happen, or else there will be disappointment. We get things done when we can, as long as our needs are met, everything else is a bonus.

Moving into week 6 with this little girl is a blessing, and we are so excited as we watch her continue to grow. We watch her milestones, as she lifts her head more, finds her voice, and sleeps longer during the night. We are so blessed and we love all the new experiences.

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